World Vision Meditations – Vol.1

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World Vision Meditations – Vol.1

Mother Akasha and the Christ teach us that for humanity and all life to survive current humanly created tribulations, a Higher Vision for all humanity is required now. Even though there has been much growth in science and technology over the last century, there has been little spiritual growth. In our Meditations we connect and commune, through our consciousness, with the greater consciousness of the People of Earth, to assist humankind towards greater spiritual growth. We hold a Vision of the Light and Love of each person’s own divinity to begin to flourish and express through the lives of all, thus a new Vision of true Spiritual Advancement unfolds in our world.

  1. Mother Akasha – Introduction – 16:53
  2. World Vision Meditation – 21:34
  3. World Vision Meditation – 17:15
  4. World Vision Meditation (Open Ended) – 17:25

1 CD – Total Run Time: 1hr 13mins

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