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Akasha, Breath of a New Era
A Fountain of Youth, Beauty, and Fulfillment!

The Universal Mother Akasha, the Breath of a New Era | The Raising Activity of our Spiritual Heart | Releasing our life back into the Consciousness of God | Harnessing the Power of the Sacred Fire | The Sacred Fire of Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration | Allowing the Immortality of our Consciousness to act upon our body | Transforming our bodies into Temples of Youth and Beauty | The Nature of Light upon our minds, ideas and Illumination unfolds | How our Heart and Feelings provide fulfillment of all our minds conceive | What I conceive I can achieve, what I feel, I do make real | The Power of “Saying Yes to Life” | The Impact of basking in the Radiance of Peace and Harmony | The Divine Blueprint of Beauty that is hidden in our Body Elemental | The I AM God Presence, the Source of your life | Living the Divine Plan your Presence has for you | Living safe and well during times of Planetary change | Our Divine Stewardship of our Planet Earth and Her Kingdoms | And much, much more! ~ Los Angeles 2014

2 CD Set