AMJ VOL 3 – The Seventh Golden Age

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The Seventh Golden Age
Ascended Masters’ Journal Volume 3.

400 Pages, Soft Cover
ISBN 978-0-9813841-9-1 (pbk)

In accordance with Ancient Prophecy, on December 22, 2012, comes the Fifth Sun, our Sun transforming and releasing new Powerful Rays of Light to the Earth. Welcome to the Seventh Golden Age that ushers in the end of the Age of Man and Duality and begins an Age of a Higher Consciousness of Light, Love, and Perfection. A time of Intervention from the Ascended Host is upon Humanity and the Earth, and all Her Kingdoms. Unlimited assistance now comes from our Spiritual Hierarchy to raise all life out of limitation and into greater Freedom. We enter a time of grand change upon our Planet and new opportunities for everyone to fully express their unlimited Divine Nature.

Volume Three of the Ascended Masters’ Journals offers us the means and ways we can embrace the Seventh Golden Age that is here now, and become free of all that has limited us. This book continues the Teachings of the Ascended Host who offer us the Knowledge of the ‘Tree of Life’, the ‘Purpose of Life’ and the ‘Truth of Life’. The Masters teach us we have lived only a fraction of our True Self, and therefore have experienced lives of limitation. Now the opportunity is before us to awaken and express our Divinity, transforming, healing and raising our lives into greater Perfection. The Teachings of the Masters reveal to us how we can accomplish this and provide the Divine Intervention and Assistance to make it so.

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