The Return of Pan

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The Return of Pan and the Magical Elemental Beings

272  pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound. Full Colour! Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.

As you seek to embrace the I AM God Presence within your physical garment, may you have at your right side an Angel and may you have at your left side an Elemental Being. The Angels are here, helping you to sustain the Light, the Love, the Spirit, the Presence and Power of your Divinity within your Earthly Embodiment. The Elemental Being comes forth to assist the great transformation of the Elemental Nature of your physical garments to assimilate, with as much grace, your Divine Nature.

Alchemy, the Transformation of the Earthly Embodiment has begun. It is time to also think about the Elemental Beings, because (whether it is a Dwarf or a Leprechaun or a Fairy, or a Dragon, a Unicorn, an Elf, or so forth) it is time to search your heart deeply and align with any one of the Elemental Beings and welcome that Elemental Being to come forward and assist you.

Now, in the days to come — and I cannot tell you when, for it is not myself that decides — as you accept these great truths and welcome them, your own Discerning Intelligence shall decide the moment in which these very unique Angelic and Elemental Beings will come to you! – Mother Akasha

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