Greatest Power in the Universe

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Greatest Power in the Universe

Description: 370 pages, Soft Cover. ISBN978-0-9813841-0-8. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.

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Usa’s most powerful and explosive book to date includes the astonishing and stunning answers to the thousand questions we all have. How do we actually make those answers our powerful reality, which includes Having it All, the Peace, the Harmony, the Fulfillment, the Love, the Abundance, the Creativity, the Relationships and the Security we all dare to dream?

Every man, woman and child needs to know, wants to know, and is entitled to know, the answer to every question they have. They are found within this amazing book.

You are here to create your highest truth, not search for it! You will naturally forget everything you learn! You will remember for eternity all that you discover! Are you ready?

“In this Universe, there is no real difference in meaning, in the use of worded expressions such as: God, Life, Love, Light, Self, Perfection and ‘I AM’. To us these words all mean the same thing, for they are in essence who you truly are. They are the true nature of your being, they represent the Mighty Flame of Life that abides within each of you. They are your potential waiting to become your certainty.” —The Ascended Masters

(Note: “Akasha Mystery School” is the Academy’s’ Previous Name)

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