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288  pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound. Full Colour! Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.

Covenant is Coming! Covenant, a sacred promise that cannot be broken. This book represents the first fulfillment of Covenants made by great Cosmic Beings who are known as the Mighty Eloheim who come from the Great Central Sun, the Centre of our Universe.

The Eloheim are the magnificent Cosmic Creator Beings. Seven of the Eloheim serve in Masculine Embodiments and Seven serve in Feminine Embodiments. They are known as the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Seven Majestic Eloah.

They share with us Covenants that were established long ago between our Spiritual Hierarchy and those awakening on Earth destined to become the Untouchables. They are here now to activate those Covenants.

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