AMJ VOL 2 – Excalibur Secrets of the Sacred Fire

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Excalibur Secrets of the Sacred Fire
Ascended Masters’ Journal Volume 2.

Product Description: 400 Pages, Soft Cover.
ISBN 978-0-9813841-7-7 (pbk)

Many of us are familiar with the popular legend of Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Sword Excalibur. What if it wasn’t just a legend? What if Excalibur wasn’t known as simply a powerful sword that heralded a King? The book you are holding contains Messages from Mystical Beings known as the Ascended Masters, who instruct us in the Lost Knowledge and Secrets of the Sacred Fire, and how to use the Sacred Fire along with the Power of the Spoken Word, the Power of Command, which is the true legendary Power of Excalibur to create the life of our dreams…a legendary life!

“…Now this is the Light that never fails! This is the Light that shuts off and silences all discord and confusion, and this is the Light that gives your minds a rest. This is a breath of fresh air, if you will, and allows you to use your thoughts and feelings as constructively as you can thus giving you a chance to choose anew. As I offer you the knowledge and use of God’s Purifying Flame, I rise into my Authority and offer you such Cosmic Sacred Fire of Mastery Unlimited, into yourself or any condition that will set your life free.” ~ Quote from the Great Master Germain

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