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Ascended Masters’ Journal Volume 4.

412 Pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.
ISBN 978-1-927594-07-0 (pbk)
ISBN 978-1-927594-08-7 (ebook)

Beloved Rose Hearts, your Life Path offers you a curriculum of RESURRECTION guiding you into the days ahead in which all the Ascended Master Teachings have intention to assist you. “And the word became flesh, and the word became form.” We are ready to assist you to deliver the Perfection of the Love of your ‘I AM Individualized God Presence’ that is your True Divine Self or the Love of an Ascended Master through you into your outer activities and for you to watch that Miracle Love cover over and transform everything in your world.

We are entering an intensive time likened to the graduation cycle in the Ancient Himalayan Mystery Schools. During this period, you will have time to practice, practice, and practice impacting and affecting your physical realities with the ‘Miracle of your Christ Love’. The way is open now for the great Ascended Goddesses to come and raise you steadfastly upon your Golden Path of Illumination, Light, Love, and Power. This is the Path of Resurrection. ~ Akasha & Asun


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