Arc of the Covenant, Masters Transmissions

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Arc of the Covenant, Masters Transmissions

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Arc of the Covenant, Masters Transmissions

On September 9th, 2021, the construction of the Arc was completed. Today some of the Ascended Host are managing those Stations, each one given specific work to accomplish, to awaken the people of the Earth, to protect portions of the Earth and the Powers of Nature, where possible, and to assist and oversee the Incoming Permanent Golden Age. We will receive Transmissions from the following Station Masters:

  • Station One, Great Central Sun, Mother Akasha, Divine Love
  • Station Two, Mount Shasta, Violet Sacred Fire, Master Great Germain
  • Station Six, The Great Silence, Lord Asun, The Silent Watchers
  • Station Ten, Indigenous Peoples, White Buffalo Calf Woman
  • Station Fourteen, Darjeeling Council, Path of Initiates, Master El Morya
  • Station Sixteen, The Archangels, Sacred Fire, Archangel Michael
  • Station Seventeen, Seventh Golden Age, Lady Nada
  • Station Eighteen, The Avatars, Mighty Victory
  • Station Nineteen, The Eloheim, Hercules & Amazonia
  • Station Twenty-Two, Earth Station, Lord Ian Kumara, Ascended Rose Family

~ Vancouver 2022

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