Arc of the Covenant, the Stations

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The Stations of the Arc of the Covenant

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The Stations of the Arc of the Covenant

Welcome Precious Roses to our first weekend of working with the Stations of the Arc of the Covenant. Twenty-Two Stations are fully constructed now and in full operation. We will learn how to visit the Arc Stations in our Light Bodies during sleep time, and during our Meditations. We will discover what has been created in these Magnificent Stations. We will be provided with Decrees to the various Stations and come to recognize the Cosmic Influence these Stations will become in our lives, the world, and all life upon Planet Earth.

1. Station One, Great Central Sun, Mother Akasha, Divine Love
2. Station Two, Mount Shasta, Violet Sacred Fire, Master Great Germain
3. Station Three, Planetary Mtn. Station, The Himalayas, Goddess Himalaya
4. Station Four, Cave of Light, Universal Light, Lord Chananda
5. Station Five, Universal Truth, Goddess of Truth
6. Station Six, The Great Silence, Lord Asun, The Silent Watchers
7. Station Seven, The Magic Presence, Mother Meta, the Unfed Flame, the Genies
8. Station Eight, Royal Tetons, Ascended Master Technology, Lord Lanto
9. Station Nine, Resurrection, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, the Christ
10. Station Ten, Indigenous Peoples, White Buffalo Calf Woman
11. Station Eleven, The Four Elements, Maha Chohan, Goddess Virgo
12. Station Twelve, Divine Dispensations, The Director Logos
13. Station Thirteen, The 13 Goddesses, Goddess of Charity
14. Station Fourteen, Darjeeling Council, Path of Initiates, Master El Morya,
15. Station Fifteen, Universal Justice, Goddess of Justice
16. Station Sixteen, The Archangels, Sacred Fire, Archangel Michael
17. Station Seventeen, Seventh Golden Age, Lady Nada
18. Station Eighteen, The Avatars, Mighty Victory
19. Station Nineteen, The Eloheim, Hercules & Amazonia
20. Station Twenty, The White Fire, Elohim Purity, Goddess Purity
21. Station Twenty-One, Enlightenment, Lady Leto, Christ & Great Cosmic Beings
22. Station Twenty-Two, Earth Station, Lord Ian Kumara, Ascended Rose Family

Our Guests include Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, Goddess of Peace, Mighty Victory, Lady Nada, Archangel Michael, Goddess of Justice, Great Germain, Lady Leto, and the Director Logos.

~ Vancouver 2021

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