Ascended Masters Conclave 2017

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In 2012, in preparation for the Seventh Golden Age of our Planet Earth, Mother Akasha of the Great Central Sun, created the Akasha Grand Council to oversee the Divine Plan for this Golden Age and ensure Victory.

The Council consists of 22 Masters. Four are Overseers, Eighteen are Council Members, of which thirteen are permanent, and five are non-permanent, elected for 2-year periods. The Council consists of Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings, each offering their Expertise, Guidance, and Powers of Intervention for the fulfillment of our new Golden Age.

The Permanent Members include: Master Germain, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Master Kuthumi, Lady Leto, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Venus, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, and Mighty Helios. 2017/2018 marks the creation of the Third Akasha Grand Council. The non-permanent Members for this Third Council include: Lord Chananda, Quan Yin, the Goddess of Purity, El Morya, and Master Hilarion. The Overseers of the entire Council are Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Goddess Athena, and the Director Logos.
For the first time, Mother Akasha has invited the entire Grand Council for this Seventh Golden Age to speak at the Ascended Masters Conclave in Kent, England.

The Great Spiritual Awakening taking place | Current Spiritual Hierarchy Dispensations to help People of Earth |Ways to live the Wonderful Truth of who we really are
How to Tap into our Spiritual Nature | Actualizing the Spiritual Power of our Consciousness | Creating a Cosmic Grid of Higher Consciousness upon our Planet | Breaking through the illusory spell of time and space | Fulfilling the Divine Plan for your life | Ways to participate in the Masters Divine Plan for this Golden Age | Plans to release Cosmic Light into all Spiritual Groups in the world | How to help the Powers of Nature during Earth changes/cleansing   | How to stay safe while sinister activities are removed from this world | Their Plans to make Contact with some Scientists on Earth | Releasing Higher Intelligence into the Constructive Minds of many | How to unleash your Divine Inheritance | Building Cosmic Light Spheres around yourself and your home~ Kent 2017

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