Ascending Hearts Conclave 2009

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The Master Alchemist ‘I AM’. The Return of the Children, Ascended and Free.

Raising the Master Alchemist in you! | The Acceleration of Six of the Nine Chambers of the Heart | Living and Walking in the Sacred Flames of God Source | Transforming the Pillar of the God?s Purifying Flame into Rose Pink Flames | The Illumination of Embracing and Using the Pillar of the Golden Flames | Using Divine Will to adjust in a moment the Pillar of Sacred Fire you live within each moment. Akasha and Asun welcome you to the 15th Annual Ascending Hearts Conclave. Their Special Ascended Masters Guests include: Beloved Great Master Germain, the Queen of Light, the Grand Master Melchizedek, the Archangel Michael and Beloved Lady Nada. These Beloved Guests will accelerate all the Divine Spiritual Resources we have been given in the last 3 years. Spiritual Formulas, Chambers of the Heart, the 8 Pillars of the Diamond Heart, the Oracles of Love and more. Expanding activity of the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Mastery Unlimited will be offered.

Guests: Paul Armitage, Joel Kaplan, Mahara Brenna, Denise Hagan, Leonard Howell, Magic Moreno and the Radiant Rose Academy Players Guild. Vancouver 2009

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