Ascending Hearts Conclave 2013

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Ascending Hearts Conclave – The Seven Majestic Eloah

Mother Akasha and Lord Asun’s Guests include the Seven Majestic Eloah, they are: Amazonia, Lumina, Amora, Astrea, Virginia, Aloha, and Victoria. Other Special Guests include Lord Melchizedek, Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Victory, Archangel Michael, Mighty Helios, and Beloved Virgo.

Initiating and opening Key Codes of Sacred Geometries within you | The Eloah nurture the Sacred Cross above your inner Lantern | The Eloah pour Their Love into your Seven Flames of Creation | Michael comes again with His Sword of Blue Flames |Helios intensifies His Ring of Fire to you |Beloved Virgo updates the health of our Planet |Mighty Victory projects His Flame of Victory into your Lantern | Melchizedek speaks on behalf of all Ancient of Days |The Eloah offer the Great Silence into our Minds |The Eloah empower us with Miracle Christ Healing |And much, much more….Vancouver 2013

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