Ascending Hearts Conclave 2008

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The Ascending Hearts Conclave – The Power of Love to Reveal and Fulfill.

Our Special Ascended Master Guests include our Beloved Akasha and Asun, Great Master Germain, The Manu Goddess Meru, the Manu Goddess Himalaya, and Elohim Arcturus.

Akasha presents the ancient Manu’s, the Goddess Meru and Goddess Himalaya• Atlantis Rising, the return to Whole Conceptual Mind • Lemuria Rising, the embrace of open Heart and Love • The Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery & the Seven Crystal Cups • The Three Rays, Rose, Gold and Violet, Initiation of the Purifying Ray • The Sacred Marriage of Love and Light within us • The Power of Love to nurture, reveal and fulfill • Glory and Grace, the sounds of Light and Love in Music • The Language of Love in the Garden of our Consciousness • Introducing The Ascended Oracles of Supreme Love: The Evergreens of Jupiter • Divine Desire when escorted in the Presence of Light and Love • The Great Love Flame of our Sacred Body Temples • An outpouring of Love Rays from the Ascended Realms • The Mighty Cherubim, Angels of Divine Love • Expressing The Resurrection of our Divinity • The Sacred Path before us is showered with Love • Enlightenment, Service and Difference, the Path of Ascension • The Light-Minded and the Love- Hearted • The Conceptual Matrix of Whole Mind and Expanding Heart • The Original Atmospheric Matrix, the Electronic and Magnetic Force, is restored.

Our Guest Presenters include our MC, Magic Moreno from California, Amuraya Rose Emmanuel from Australia, Leanne Bolten, Mahara Brenna and Isaiah Ben Emanuel from Vancouver, and Joel Kaplan from Boston. Our Host Guest Musician, Paul Armitage. Vancouver 2008

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