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June 2008, Vancouver, BC.

Receive the First Sacred Anointing & Initiation; Anchoring the Rose Pink Ray | Ushering in the Essence of the Rose…a tidal wave of Love to the Earth | The Gathering of the Second House of the I AM Starseed | Sacred Reunion of the House of the Rose | The 12 Tribes or Houses of the ‘I AM’ Starseed Human Race | Unifying principles of Consciousness…Mind and Heart, Thoughts and Feelings | Brain/Mind, Heart/Feelings and The Holy Spirit, the Source that strengthens the union | First of Three Sacred Anointing & Initiations anchoring The Rose, Golden and Violet Rays | Dancing the Love Vibration, a Tidal Wave of Love

The Ascended Host: Beloved Akasha & Asun, Lord Melchizedek, The Goddess Rose, Master Kuthumi, The Goddess of Venus, The Angel of Love.