Diamond Heart Conclave 2011

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Diamond Heart Conclave – The Adventure of a Lifetime, A Dream of Resurrection. Emanuel: “I come in Montreal to trigger the Resurrection of the Mystical “I” within each of you. Where is it found? It is found in the centre of the Love Flame in your heart. You are receiving electronic patterns that are being ignited. I come to demand the Resurrection and the Life of the Mystical Inner “I”, with you, that it may grow into such glory and power to help dismantle the little I, the human self, and open the way for the Great Christ I AM to come forth in days ahead.

Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Master Guests include: Beloved Emanuel, Prophet Elijah, Beloved Mary, Lord Maitreya, Goddess of Purity, Ascended Master Youth Council, Goddess of Music, Mighty Victory, God of Gold, and the Ascended Lady Mary Martha (Lazarus’ sister). ~ Montreal 2011

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