Diamond Heart Conclave 2010

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“The Gathering of the Love Minded and Light Hearted”

Content: Christ and His Ascended Disciples focus their love on Montreal | The Disciples attend our hearts while Emanuel discourses with us | The Ninth Pillar of the Diamond Heart is given…Lord Maitreya | Christ, Let my Commands be fulfilled through you | Beloved Lady Charity, The Age of man is over, the Age of Christ is here | The Grandmaster Melchizedek, Attaining Christ Beingness | Beloved Goddess of Venus, My Love will Raise you | Beloved Sanat Kumara, Prepare yourselves, A Golden Age approaches | Beloved Rex and Nada, the Ascended Children return | The God and Goddess of Harmony come to speak at Conclave | Using the White Fire and Redemption Flames | Lady Nada and The Goddesses offer a Service of Resurrection | Approaching the Journey of Becoming | The Coming of the Masters, 2012 | The Miracle Makers, the way opens for the Untouchables | Inner Meaning of ‘Crossing the River Jordan’ | The Baptism of Christ Consciousness. Montreal 2010

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