Radiant Rose Conclave 2010

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Beloved Akasha and Asun, Their Messengers Usa and Jayde, and Our Master of Ceremony, Magic Moreno…Welcome you to Conclave! Beloved Akasha Speaks! Ascended El Morya shall draw forth from your Mighty Golden Unfed Flame The Electronic Pattern of the Sword Excalibur! In the months between the Resurrection Conclave and the Radiant Rose Conclave, your mind and heart will speak to your character; your mind, the dazzling mind and heart revealing, nurturing, fulfilling, the wonderful use of your mind and heart working together, will you live and speak with a renewed feeling of authority, for the Resurrection of the Great Qualities of Life, the strength, the compassion, the discernment, the resilience, the courage and the fearlessness that is necessary are amplified as a Gift of the Ascended Host at the Radiant Rose Conclave. And therefore, the Radiant Rose Conclave, a Conclave of Camelot where in that small civilization of Camelot in France and Great Britain the seeds were sown long ago for your achievements and accomplishments to become actualized in these 2 Conclaves preparing you for the journey ahead. And nine centuries have passed since the legendary time of Camelot and great are your qualities of character, and with your mind and heart united as one by the Authority of My Rose Pink Ray and the blessing of Queen Lotus at the Resurrection Conclave, the power of Excalibur will be unleashed by King Arthur through the Ascended Master El Morya at the Radiant Rose Conclave, who comes to assist each of you to give creative, loving expression, will and voice through your united and balanced mind and heart, to give power to every Great God Quality that you love to use, that you love to specialize in. And here, from the Radiant Rose Conclave will each of you grow a greater comprehension as to why it is that there are Ascended Beings who love to specialize in one great action of Life such as Harmony or Peace or Purity, and why it is that there are Ascended Beings who love to specialize in the Sounds of Music that the great Sound Ray produces, and why it is that there are Ascended Beings whose love of Life will focus upon any one of the great Flames such as the Rose Pink Flame. And we love to offer our Ascended Master Gifts to you, that you too may fulfill your Resurrection, and go forth in such joyous service in your outer activities. And out of the Radiant Rose Conclave your qualities of character, so resilient, so strong that you stand upon a bedrock, a mountain, of such All-Christ certainty. The way is before you now; the way has been found for you to prove who and what you are, to prove to yourself everything that you have studied. Of the great Mountain of Life that you now stand upon, you have one last Peak to scale, becoming your ‘Beloved I AM God Presence’ on Earth.

Our Ascended Master Guests at the Radiant Rose Conclave include Beloved Great Master Germain, Goddess of Light, Ascended Master El Morya, Ascended Lady Leto, The Master Kuthumi, The Ascended Children Rex and Pearl, The Lord Maitreya and Lord Surya…the Great Avatars from the Central Sun and the Ascended Master Hilarion. We have all sensed the enormous power and love that is delivered through Messenger #2 when he enters into Invocation. Well Dear Hearts, El Morya as King Arthur shall call forth a former attainment of Messenger #2, when in another embodiment his Unfed Flame created Excalibur, the Power of the Unfed Flame when It becomes the Commanding Presence speaking through the voice. As Arthur calls forth this former attainment, he will then turn and call upon the Great Golden Unfed Flame within each of us to create the Electronic Pattern of the Sword of Excalibur, opening the way for the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Unfed Flames to express through our voice. As is the nature of Conclave…such wonderful gifts will be offered for each of us to receive and accept into the outer activity of our lives. God bless you and welcome to Conclave. Excalibur and The Spoken Word Camelot, Restoring the Sacred Order of the Diamond Purple Heart El Morya comes as Arthur to offer Excalibur Great Master Germain returns as Merlin to restore the Magic of Legend within each one The Goddess of Light, the Lady of the Lake, the Holy Spirit Beloved Kuthumi, the Magic of Miracles Ascended Lady Leto, Secrets of The Lost Knowledge Beloved Rex, Embracing your Inner Strengths Beloved Pearl, The Sacred Word, Invocation Lord Maitreya and Lord Surya, offer their Service from the Central Sun Ascended Master Hilarion, The Great Gathering Begins.

Our Guest Presenters include Mahara Brenna and Roisha (Denise Hagan) Edmonton 2010

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