Ascending Hearts Conclave 2014

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Ascending Hearts Conclave – The Victory of Ascension upon our daily life! with Special Guest William Shakespeare

This Conclave, Mother Akasha and Lord Asun host a record number of Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings, who come to expand our awareness, the influence, and Victory of the Ascension Process upon our daily lives. At this time, our highest priority is the Ascension up into our Higher Christ Consciousness, through the Resurrection. Transforming our physical bodies into Temples for our Beloved I AM God Presence to express Its Perfection on Earth is of equal importance..

Our Ascended Master Guests include: The Great Divine Director, The Queen of Light, Jesus the Christ, Lady Leto, William Shakespeare, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, The Goddess Harmony, Lord Kuthumi, The Goddess of Purity, Master El Morya, Beloved Quan Yin, Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary, Mighty Helios, the Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Victory, and the Goddess of Peace.

Understanding the Ascension process that is unfolding |Elevating our overall vibrational frequency | The White Fire Flames of Ascension | Elevating out of beliefs into knowingness |The Cleansing of 3rd Dimensional density | Keys to expanding our Consciousness of the Ascension Process | Emergence of greater Purity, Peace, and Harmony | Living a Higher Dimensional Reality on Earth | The Ascension as a natural Evolution of our Soul Being | Vibrational Leaps into Higher Plateaus of Consciousness | Threefold Activity of Thought, Sight, and Feelings |How to impact perfect thoughts, images, and feelings upon our lives |And much, much more…Vancouver 2014

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