Resurrection Conclave 2007

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New Dispensations for Resurrection The Bells of Freedom Toll. Creative Evolution: Understanding, Experience and Comprehension. The Great Awakening

The Messenger, Usa. Music Paul Armitage , Host MC Mahara Brenna, and the loving presence of Beloved Akasha and Asun, Beloved Goddess of Venus, Mighty Elohim Orion

And a message from each of the Five Angels over-lighting the School, The Beloved Angels: | William, Seraphim Angel | Beloved Mirriam, Angel of the Higher Spheres of Music | Beloved Eliam, Angel of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning | Beloved Suriam, Angel of the Cosmic Blue Flames | Beloved Violiam, Angel of the Purifying Flame

Guest presenters: Denise Hagan, Isaiah Ben Emmanuel, Julie Brown, Iolani Grace Emmanuel, Mahara Brenna. Vancouver 2007

2 CD

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