Diamond Heart Conclave 2009

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“Living the 8 Pillars of the Diamond Heart”

Receiving the Eight Pillar of the Diamond Heart, ‘Essential Harmlessness’ The Alchemy of Unity, A Sacred Tryst, An Ancient Promise and Bond Raising the Pillars of the Diamond Heart into personal actualized reality Rhythmic Waves of Divine Love illumine our Physical Garments, Mind and Feelings The Unfed Flame within, Becomes a Golden Sun’s Presence The Anniversary of Beloved Mary’s Ascension Akasha and Asun are pleased to announce that 5 of the Ascended House of David will come together for the first time to offer Their Love, Divine Intervention and Ascended Master Blessings and Gifts. Ushering in the 8th Pillar of the Diamond Heart and offering Their Assistance to those awakening upon the Rose Pink Ray.

Akasha and Asun present: King David, The Ascended Mother Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, Beloved Joseph and Mary, Mother and Father of Jesus, and Beloved Jesus Emanuel Himself. Beloved Great Master Germain has agreed to present Himself as His Embodiment of Joseph. Montreal 2009

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