Radiant Rose Conclave 2009

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Eden, A Garment of Divine Beauty

Loving The Garden of our Consciousness and The Garden of our Planet! |  A time of great Alchemy, Transformation and Transmutation | The Power to Purify, Restore and Re-create is now | The Age of Man is over | The Age of Christ Consciousness unfolds Entering the Garden of our Consciousness | The Garden of our Planet produces change in our outer lives | A Sacred Covenant | The Door to Everything.

Their Special Guest Luminaries and Ascended Host include: Peter, King of the Elementals, of the Ancient Continent of Pan; The Elohim Purity and the Goddess Purity; The Mighty Maha Chohan; the Ascended Master Goddess, Beloved Rose; and Special Guest King Soloman, who communes with us on the Door to Everything and prepares us to receive the Great Blessings of 5 of the Ascended Host who come to us at the Diamond Heart Conclave in Montreal. Activating in our Consciousness and Reality the 6 Chambers of our Heart that are now open. Edmonton 2009

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