Resurrection Conclave 2008

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The Seven Sacred Covenants; The Seven Sacred Vases.

The gift of the Spring Resurrection Conclave is receiving Seven Sacred Vases from the seven primary Goddesses (Goddess of Peace, Goddess of Liberty, Goddess of Harmony, Goddess of Charity, Goddess of Purity, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Justice). As these Seven Sacred Vases are being placed by the Goddesses upon the miracle mantle supported by the Diamond Heart each will be named.
The time has come this Resurrection Conclave for you to receive from the goddesses the Seven Sacred Vases and into each vase will be placed a promise you each made. As those seven pieces of paper, the seven promises you made between yourself and your Presence are placed into the vase, the Light of your Mighty Unfed Flames shall rise up into these seven sacred vases, illumine the promises that you made to yourselves, and bring them into your awareness where all of you may seek to fulfill those promises. Vancouver 2008

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