Resurrection Conclave 2006

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The Resurrection Conclave – Living Life on the Great Love Ray. Through Ignition, Unfoldment and Emergence. Our Guest Presenters included: Iolani Grace Emanuel, Tess Bray, Julie Brown, Mahara Brenna Buchanan, David Curtis and Isaiah Ben Emanuel. This Conclave includes Messages from our Beloved Akasha and Asun, Beloved Mother Mary, Master Jesus and Master David. One of the primary focuses of the conclave is to motivate the greatest increase of the Keynote Signature Vibration of your earthly garments as it is able to register, express and radiate Light, Love and Will. Mother Mary activates the maturing of the Love Rays from out of our expanded heart centers, followed by the ability of Master David to enshrine within us the Golden Rod of Power. An activation with prepares our bodies to carry the unified energies of Divine Son, Divine aughter..enhancing us into greater glorious self expression of your glorious Christ I Am selves. Vancouver 2006

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