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The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine (2010)

The Gifts of this Conclave includes Archangel Michael, the Final Clearing of Core Perception The Resurrection of the Divine Feeling side of Life Unifying the Light of the Dazzling Mind with the Love of the Heart Akasha and Asun, The Power of Unity and Resurrection Jesus the Christ, Opening the last 3 Chambers of our Heart Queen Lotus, A Sacred Ceremony, the Marriage of Mind and Heart Ascended Master Lady Maria, Divine Midwife, Birthing the Journey of Becoming Mother Mary, Embracing the Christ within our Consciousness Beloved Quan Yin, Activating the Great Compassion Flame Beloved Anna, I hold a Vision for you; the Door to Everything Beloved Mary Magdalene, Divine Relationship and Divine Attraction Archangel Michael, I AM at your side; Spiritual Empowerment Beloved Nada, the joy and love of the Raising Activity Goddess of Liberty, Her Mighty Flame of Freedom.

Our Guest Presenters include: Roisha Ray, Paul Armitage, Magic Moreno and Amuraya Rose from Australia