Diamond Heart Conclave 2014

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My Chalice of Fulfillment

Our Ascended Master Guests include the Great Divine Director, Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Ascended Master Youth, Grandmother Anna, Lord Maitreya, Princess Mary Magdalene, Archangel Raphael, the Goddess of Music, Archangel Michael, the Great God Aries, and the Prophet Daniel.

Jesus, I offer you the Chalice of Fulfillment | Becoming an Instrument of my Miracle Making Presence | Akasha, on Healing and Miracles | Asun, Progress of Purifying Ray Transformation | Mary, I, my Son, the Holy Spirit, a Source of Miracles | The Healing Power of the Coming Untouchables | A new intimate understanding of Christ Consciousness | The Prophesy of the Prophet Daniel for this Golden Age | Relationship between Master Teacher and Master Student | Further Training of an Untouchables Consciousness | New Service with the Archangels | The Light has come, now Love leads the way | Divine Inheritance of Sacred Influence over World Events ~ Montreal 2014

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