Diamond Heart Conclave 2013

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THE LANTERN OF LIGHT ~ I AM the Light of the World!

Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Guests from the House of Melchizedek include: The Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Goddess of Light, Mighty Victory, and Jesus the Christ. From the House of Akasha, we welcome The Goddess Rose, Mother Teresa, Elohim Orion, The Goddess of Love, Mother Mary, Princess Mary Magdalena. Special Guests include Mighty Helios and special presentations from the Ascended Master Children. Welcome to Conclave!

Two Houses Unite Their efforts, what this means to us | The Sacred Union of the Elohim Brain Flames and Heart Flame | The Merging Power of Light and Power of Love | Your Heart Flame, an Electronic Pattern of a Lantern of Light | Jesus comes a Lantern of Light to you | Sacred Celebration of Lighting your Lantern of Light | Sacred Cross Preparations for Ascending Hearts Conclave | Our minds and feelings transform as refined receptacles | The raising activity of our minds and feelings to transmit | Our Central Nerve System receive first Impulse of Untouchable Force| May the Force be with you… opening the way | The Still Small Voice within your Hearts Activates | Activating the Cosmic Law of Attraction | Building the Vibration of Victory in your Feeling Body | Preparations for Flashes of Light that will occur in your mind | Working with the Seven Oracles of Love | And much much more ~ Montreal 2013

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