Ascending Hearts Conclave 2015

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Ascending Hearts Conclave – Adanteamora!

Mother Akasha raises the Student Body into the 18th Passage of Resurrection | Mother Akasha and Mighty Helios decree the Law of the Untouchables: “The Light of God never fails! The Love of God Always Fulfills!” | Lord Maitreya decrees: Covenant is Coming! “I AM the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Fulfillment of all Divine Covenants!” | Mighty Helios initiates for each of us the Sacred Geometries of the Cosmic Triangulation of Three Suns Rising, initiating the Divine Mind of Understanding, Comprehending, and Knowing! | Time to reveal and experience the Presence of God | God, a Presence that knows only Perfection | The Presence of God I AM flows into your Consciousness | Three new Ascension Activations | A new Divine Activity governs your life and world | Incoming Christ Activity becomes only Law of your life | In the Raising and Ascending Consciousness, Life Force increase | Metatron’s Geometric Ascension Initiation | Attaining Sacred Silence while in the noise of the world ~ Vancouver 2015

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