Beyond the Edge of our Mind

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The Door to Everything 5
Beyond the Edge of our Mind

Beyond the edge of our mind, is the Door To Everything, Everything being our Soul. Our Ascended Master Guests include: the Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, the Goddess of Light, Mighty Victory, the Goddess of Purity, and Jesus the Christ. Topics that will be covered include:

Fear is our greatest enemy, it lowers our Vibration of Light | How to overcome fear and resurrect into Beings of Light and Love | Overcoming world control through fear and becoming Untouchable | Our 3D physical reality transforms as we understand it as a Hologram | Divine Disclosure of the Power of our Inner Light | Means to grow Immortal Light and Love in our physical body | Powerful Meditations to reach the seeming edge of our mind | Becoming Whole again, as we pass through the Door to Everything | Active participation in this Great Age of Awakening | No obstacle remains as we learn how to Purify our Consciousness | Becoming One with the Consciousness of Great Cosmic Beings | Understanding the Power of Resurrection is our Path to Freedom | The Powers of Nature respond as you become a Blazing Presence of Light | Invisible to all discord, and visible only to all that is of the Light. ~ Weekend Event ~ Toronto 2015

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