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Christmas with the Beloved Christ, His Family & Friends

Mother Akasha and Papa Asun present: The Beloved Christ, Mother Mary, Princess Mary Magdalene, Father Joseph, Grandmother Anna, Lord Maitreya, Mighty Victory, and Serapis Bey.

  • Experience the Light of the Heavenly Father
  • Experience the Love of the Heavenly Mother
  • Christ initiates the Law of the Victorious Christ in our lives
  • Lord Maitreya accepts us as 29th Degree Initiates in Christ
  • Mother Mary comes to create a Manger in our hearts
  • Mary Magdalene draws a ‘Ring Pass Not’ around our lives
  • Mighty Victory ignites a Victory Flame in our Pituitary Gland
  • Grandmother Anna plants Patterns of Christ in our Consciousness
  • Spiritual Rebirth Solfeggio Sound Gift
  • Beloved Joseph shares the Wisdom of the Father’s Presence
  • Serapis Bey speaks on the life of an Initiate in Christ
  • Mother Akasha speaks into our Identity in Christ
  • Papa Asun welcomes in the Christmas Angels.

~ Vancouver 2021