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Christmas with the First Family

Mother Akasha and Papa Asun have planned a lovely Christmas Weekend with Beloved Jesus and His Ascended Family, Mother Mary, Princess Mary Magdalene, Grandmother Anna, and Beloved Joseph as the Great Master Germain. Mother Akasha has also invited our Ascended Master Elect Mighty Victory to present His last Discourse as Ascended Master Elect for 2018. Mother Akasha will offer a Special Presentation honoring the Princess Mary Magdalene as our new Ascended Master Elect for 2019. Mother Mary will present two more Gifts to us for a total of 55 Gifts She has presented.

Welcome to a Special Christmas weekend with the First Family of Jesus Christ.

  • The Presence doth strengthen within you
  • Look after your inner activity, and the outer will reflect the same
  • Proclaim: Now I am ready to become all that ‘I AM’
  • The Light of the Christ expands the Love of the Heart
  • The Love of the Heart births the Light in the Mind
  • The Spiritual Heart Communes with the Soul
  • The Silence in my mind opens the Door to Everything
  • As I look into your eyes, I see your Master Christ Presence, and then I realize
  • I think with my heart and I feel with my mind
  • I AM the Ascended Jesus Christ Law
  • The Sacred Fire abides within your heart.

~ Vancouver 2018

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