Covenant With Akasha 2016

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Love sings the Song of the Holy Rose, and Mother Akasha is calling to you. Beloved Roses, Akasha speaks of the People of Earth, that their suffering will one day be their Triumph, and with some help from above, they must make their way home on their own. Yet for each of you who have heard the Call of the Rose, and with lifetimes of effort and awakening, a time for greater intervention and assistance in your lives has arrived.

“Love is the Activity of Desire! Desire is the Action of Love!” Where Love pours, it demands Light to come and reveal itself!

We began Covenant with Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Divine Mothers Presence in Delphi, some 37,000 years ago. Now Mother Akasha returns to fulfill those Covenants She made with us. She comes to assist us to:

  • Reveal and express the Nature of God, through the lives we have been given
  • Dismantle mortal mind and its duality
  • Be raised into our Higher Christ Consciousness
  • Pass through the Door to Everything, our Soul
  • Fulfill the prophecies of Jesus the Christ
  • Unfold a new Activity of Divine Love in Action
  • Release a Finer Substance of Light into our bodies
  • Live by the One Law, that Law being Love
  • And much, much, more…

The Goddess Charity, The Goddess Rose, Mother Mary, and Cosmic Beings from the Central Sun join us this weekend to fulfill our Akasha Covenant. Calgary 2016

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