Covenant With Maitreya 2020

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Covenant With Maitreya

The Untouchables Miracle Mantle of Spiritual Power

Beloved Hearts of Love, Lord Maitreya and His Guests welcome you to Covenant. This Sacred Weekend, Lord Maitreya and the Masters assist us to align with Mighty Invisible Spiritual Powers and use these Powers daily to fulfill the Spiritual Rebirth of our lives on Earth.

Thus, we are given greater tools to prepare a physical garment for the Grand Cosmic Being that resides within our Inner Consciousness. The Metamorphosis of our lives; mind, heart, and body now intensify as Lord Maitreya calls in the Spiritual Powers of the Secret Love Star. The Flames of Creation within our brain structure are expanded by the Mighty Elohim who come to be with us this weekend. The Majestic Plumes of the Eloah within our heart receive greater Powers from the Heart of Creation. And, much, much more!

  • An unobvious pattern of Perfection abides within your life
  • The time has come to discover how to let this pattern grow in your body
  • The Christ pattern is no longer locked away within your life force
  • Attitudes of mind and heart provide Spiritual Power for physical Transformation
  • Our mind must now appreciate and release the Secret Power of our life force
  • The cells of our body are ready to receive the Spiritual Power of our Soul
  • A new Soul Awareness begins to animate our physical bodies
  • Tapping into the Spiritual Power of Nature
  • Our body Elemental undergoes a radical change
  • The Flame of Enthusiasm births a new luminosity in our body Elemental
  • The Power Healing Centres of our hands are opened

Lord Maitreya’s Guests include: Mother Akasha, Beloved Asun, Lady Leto, Lord Buddha, Beloved Quan Yin, the Great Master Germain, the Elohim and Eloah and the Architects of our Universe, the Arceus.       – Los Angeles 2020

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