Diamond Heart Conclave 2017

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Diamond Heart Conclave 

“I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”
It is no longer ‘I who live, but Christ lives in me’!

The Master returns to prepare us for next steps and passages of Resurrection. He asks us to have ‘A Remarkable Faith’ for the Journey ahead.

Powerful and Miraculous Demonstrations of the Presence will occur this Conclave Weekend. The Master Jesus will come forth 5 times during this Conclave, reviewing and Initiating again, what He has offered since 2008. He will teach us to prepare for the life ahead, the falling away of the former sense of self, that the Christ may come to live and function in each of us. The Christ Message is always the same: ‘I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life’. It is time to live these Mighty Truths the Master teaches us.

Master Jesus Ascended Master Guests include: the Director Logos, Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Grandmother Anna, Lord Melchizedek, 2 Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Victory, Mighty Helios, the Goddess of Venus, Mighty Neptune, Master Germain and King David. ~ Montreal 2017

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