Spirituality 101 (DVD)

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The Lost Knowledge Made Simple

Some of the most important questions being asked today are Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is our purpose? and What is our destiny? In this 5 class film series, Spirituality 101: The Lost Knowledge Made Simple, discover what the Lost Knowledge reveals as answers, along with discussions on:

– what is the Great Awakening of the Ages
– what does it mean to be part of the first wave of those Awakening
– who are The Untouchables
– how to make the journey home through your heart
– the collapse of greed and corruption for all time
– the roll-out of the greatest Golden Age ever on this planet

Spirituality 101: The Lost Knowledge Made Simple can help you reset your life’s compass in the direction of your journey home to your ultimate destiny.

A 2 DVD set

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