Interview with Usa, Akasha and Asun

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Sci-Tech Production once again explores the realms of science and technology “in our own backyard” here in Mt. Shasta, California. In this exploration of the exoteric and the esoteric sciences, Sci-Tech Productions proudly presents, “A Chat With Usa”, the Messenger who brings forth the Light and Love of two great Cosmic Beings, Akasha and Asun. This is a live broadcast television interview with Usa, the Messenger. During one of his visit to Mt. Shasta, Sci-Tech Production was fortunate to obtain an exclusive interview with Usa for MCTV-15 Public Television. In this interview Usa shares his personal spiritual journey, the inner promptings and outer synchronicity, and his personal challenges and victories. His magnanimous, generous and gracious story-telling touches the hearts of every student of the Mysteries of Life with an instant identification. Usa is the founder of the Radiant Rose Academy of Mystical Arts, Science and Technologies in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Radiant Rose Academy has completed 15 years of service wherein Usa has provided personal and public transmissions by Akasha and Asun. In addition to the transmissions from Akasha and Asun, he has also provided the Lifestream for other Great Ascended and Cosmic Beings to speak to humanity in Service to Life. This is a “must-have” DVD for your personal library and collection! (2009)

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