Goddess of Peace

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Beloved Goddess of Peace

Beloved Goddess Peace is the Ascended Goddess Chohan of the Emerald Green Ray and served as Ascended Master Elect in 2008. She often serves in Sacred Triangulation with the Goddess Purity and Goddess Harmony. She is the Granddaughter of Mighty Elohim Peace. Her gift to life is Her Sacred Power Flame of Immortal Peace Commanding Presence anchored within Her Being.

Beloved Goddess Peace has offered to anchor in through and around us Her Immortal Peace Commanding Presence to assist us to be at Peace and in zero conflict. She has also offered to project a likeness of Herself on our left side, while Goddess Harmony projects a likeness of Herself on our right side, so the two mighty forces assist us to achieve zero conflict, and all things come with ease and Grace.

More recently, Goddess Peace comes into service with Goddess Purity, Goddess Harmony, Goddess Justice and Goddess Liberty. At our call, They will form a circle of Their Heart Flames in through and around us, to pour Their Heart Flame Love to provide the security, protection, supply, health and everything we require, so we are not touched by the coming events in the outer world.

 Artist: Gayliaa

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