Goddess of Venus

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Beloved Goddess Empress of Venus

Beloved Goddess Empress Venus is the Granddaughter of the Mighty Immortal Aphrodite and is Cosmic Love Supreme to this Universe. Her Heart Flame Cosmic Love Supreme and Her Lords of the Flames of Venus assisted the raising of Her Planet and its 20 billion people into their Ascension long ago. She then birthed the idea of transforming Venus into a Star, which gained the attention of Mighty Victory, who then placed Himself in service to Her and then to Planet Earth in order to shorten the time of that process.

In response to the calls for help from the people of Earth who were experiencing such darkness upon the planet, the Great Central Sun appointed Her Guardian of Earth and its people. Of the 10 and more times that a vote has been taken for the people of Earth to be recalled, Beloved Goddess Venus has stood steadfast with the Great Germain and Jesus the Christ in voting no. She is serving with Archangel Michael, Lord Astrea, the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Lords of the Flames of Venus to silence and remove all wholly destructive individuals who are sowing paths of hatred, death and destruction upon the Earth. She has given a pre recorded message to the people of Earth. She informed them that due to Her role as Guardian, She has the final say as to when the Three Days of Darkness and Three Days of Light may occur if the people choose not to wake up from their hypnotic spell.

Goddess of Venus served as Ascended Master Elect in 2012. She placed Her people in service to pour oceans and oceans of Cosmic Love Supreme to the people of Earth to assist in a great Heart opening. She is the Mother of Sanat Kumara and Sister to Beloved Elizabeth who is the Mother of Mighty Victory.

Artist: Gayliaa

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