Lord Maitreya

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Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya is a Cosmic Being, Mighty Avatar of our Spiritual Hierarchy and a former Fathers Presence to the Earth. He has often been referred to as the Hooded Stranger as that was how He appeared to Mother Mary and Queen Elizabeth the First when He informed them that He would be taking their sons away for training in the Ancient Mystery Schools. He was Jesus’ main Teacher in the Himalayan Mystery School. Maitreya also taught Francis Bacon, who became William Shakespeare, and who then ascended and became our Beloved Master Germain. Maitreya raised King Arthur who went on to become our Ascended Master El Morya.

He embodied many times through India and China, often coming in together with Quan Yin, Lord Buddha, and Fung Wey, who all came from their former service on Venus to serve on the Earth when it was required.

It was Lord Maitreya who created the 9 Pillars of the Diamond Heart. The Pillars were then lowered into the appropriate Generators, in the appropriate Chambers of our Spiritual Heart. His service really begins when our Heart Flames become Resurrection Flames. He works with the Christ in us to initiate and assist our evolution and comes to welcome us into the 7th Golden Age.

Lord Maitreya has stated clearly, that any emotion not registering Love, is defiance. He is known as a no nonsense Ascended Master and offers to come to us as an Ascended Master Manager to re-arrange our life so that we may have the time to give obedience to our Presence. No excuses! He is the Ascended Master Chohan of the Second Tier of the Golden Yellow Ray of All Christ Illumination.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing.
Artist: Gayliaa


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