Goddess of Harmony

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Beloved Goddess of Harmony 

Beloved Goddess of Harmony serves as the Ascended Goddess Chohan of the Golden Yellow Ray of All Christ Illumination. Her love of Harmony is so great that She has become Harmony to our Earth. You may call to Her to anchor Her Indestructible Harmony into your Feeling Side of Life to ensure that your feelings are in a constant state of Harmony. She also serves in triangulation with the Goddess of Peace and Her Peace Compelling Presence, and Goddess of Purity and Her Pearls of Diamond Shining Purity. If you will call upon these three Goddesses, they also will come to anchor their qualities into your Feeling Side of Life.

The Goddess of Harmony works with two Rays, the Strawberry Pink Ray and the Lime Green Ray, which when blended together, hold within them the Heart of Eternal Innocence. Her Twin Flame is the God of Harmony and their Presence is that of Essential Harmlessness.

The Goddess of Harmony works closely with the Goddess of Music in creating Harmonic Spheres and Patterning throughout our Universe.

Available in Quality Photo paper ready for framing.

Size 8.5×11 in. & 5×7 in.
Artist: Gayliaa

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