Goddess Rose

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Beloved Goddess Rose-Goddess Victory

Beloved Goddess Rose is Twin Flame Sister to Beloved Mother Akasha. It has been explained that long ago Mother Akasha created Goddess Rose from Her own Heart Flame, knowing that in the future She would require assistance that no other Being could provide. In 2013 that assistance was required as Great Goddess Rose served as the Great Central Sun’s Mothers Presence for a full year when Mother Akasha was Ascended Master Elect. She has the full authority of the Great Central Sun and is a Mighty Avatar in Her own right.

Beloved Goddess Rose with Jesus the Christ opened the 9 Chambers of our Hearts. She touched the Sacred Nerve between our Hearts and Minds so the Liquid Light could pass through, connecting them. She created the Electronic Pattern of Her Rose Heart, anchoring it over our Hearts, activating our Unfed Flame into a Resurrection Flame. Beloved Rose removed the veils from the brain, so that one day, we may see our Beloved Christ Presence. With Mighty Victory, She activated the Pineal and Pituitary God Centres, preparing us for the Light and Love required to raise us into full Christ stature. Goddess Rose and Grandmother Anna over light our journey to the Secret Heart of God. She has said that when we get to the Door of Everything, a force pushes from behind, and She draws us from within.  Goddess Victory is the Goddess Chohan of the Rose Pink Ray. She formerly served as the Goddess of Victory and now abides in the Physical Sun assisting the Daughters of the Rose Robes.

Size A4 and 5×7.  Artist: Gayliaa

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