Chlorella Cream

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Sun Chlorella Cream

The Only Natural Anti-Aging Skincare With The Power of Chlorella Growth Factor Renew your skin with the most powerful skin nourishment around. Sun Chlorella Cream is the only natural anti-aging skincare cream made with chlorella growth factor (CGF). CGF speeds tissue repair and regeneration to give you beautiful, youthful skin.

Given that chlorella is a nutrient-dense whole food that protects and purifies at the cellular level, I recommend Sun Chlorella Cream for anyone looking for a deeply moisturizing, anti-aging and naturally restorative skin treatment.” ~ Dr. Andrew Racette, osteopathic dermatologist. Sun Chlorella Natural Anti-Aging Skin Cream . . .

  • Nourishes your skin with chlorella growth factor (CGF). CGF is one of the richest sources of nucleic acids, a necessary ingredient for tissue renewal;
  • Gives your skin the full spectrum of nutrition found in Chlorella pyrenoidosa – 20 plus vitamins and minerals, plus protein, healthy fats, and chlorophyll;
  • Helps soothes your skin thanks to Artemesia capillaris;
  • Protects your skin with clove flower extracts’ powerful antioxidants, more effective against free radicals than Vitamin E;
  • Is paraben and propylene glycol free.

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