LivLong 100 Caps

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LivLong 100 Caps

The Finlandia Livlong formula is a combination of three active ingredients found in the Chinese Herb Astragalus root. This combination of ingredients are not found together in any other product on the market. They have a synergistic effect together.

The ingredients in this formula are thought by medical science researchers to increase or maintain the telomere length on the DNA strands or be telomerease activators (TA).

The telomere are protein groups on the ends of the DNA strands that control the DNAs ability to reproduce new cells and maintain health and immunity in the body. Telomeres are DNA protein complexes that act to stabilize the DNA strands.

Telomere length is associated with cellular aging. The more the cell replicates the shorter it becomes, thus aging occurs. Adequate telomere length is vital to maintaining the bodies healthy cells including immune system cells, which protect the body against disease.

Longer telomere length has also been associated with persons following a good unstressed life style, adequate nutrition, vegan diet, adequate vitamin C and abundant fruits and vegetables .

The DNA can be compared to a shoe lace, with ends of the lace which are stabilized not to fray. When they do fray, they get shorter and are unusable , the same occurs with DNA as the Telomere gets shorter the DNA cannot continue to reproduce new cells. This ability determines longevity.

The 3 ingredients are:

  1. Cycloastragenol: which increased telomerase activity in CD8+ T-cells from healthy and HIV-infected individuals. Effros’ study found that Cycloastragenol reduced telomere shortening, supercharged cell antiviral activity, and increased the ability of cells to divide.
  2. Astragaloside 4 : Chinese studies on animals show it tones the heart, protects liver, lowers blood pressure, Restrains MI, but research on humans claims it is a telomerase activator.
    More info can be found on who have done original research but are selling TA-65, a patented compound found to have Cycloastragenol in it. It is very expensive.
  3. Astragulus extract. Cycloastragenol is found in small quantities in some extracts. To insure we are getting enough I have combined all 3 but this extract is mainly to put some original herb in the compound not just concentrates.

It is recommended to take one or two capsules of the Livlong Formula before a meal on an empty stomach. Melatonin is best taken with L-Glycine at bedtime. The following supplements support the efficacy of Livlong and should be taken during the day with your meals: Parent Essential Oils, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Resveratrol, and CoQ10.

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