MagneMax Daylight Set, Magnetic Necklace

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MagneMax Daylight Set

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‘Daylight’ MagneMax Series 7 Magnetic Necklace and Bracelet
“Looking GREAT has Never Felt so GOOD”

The MagneMax ‘Charging’ Necklace when worn close to your Neck and directly over your Collar Bone, is like the ‘Alternator’ in your Car that ‘Charges’ your Battery while the MagneMax ‘Maintenance’ Bracelet, ideally worn on your right wrist is more like the ‘Regulator’ in your Car that ‘Maintains’ an adequate Level of Energy.

Both the MagneMax ‘Charging’ Necklace with the MagneMax ‘Maintenance’ Bracelet, can provide Significant Results when used together to Increase Blood Circulation consequently Increasing Oxygenation providing an Increased Energy Level, Improved Concentration and Memory while Lowering those who Suffer from High Blood Pressure and so many symptoms associated with High Blood Pressure.

MagneMax can also Reduce or Completely Eliminate Chronic Pain, Headaches, Backaches, Dissolve Stress and so much more.

MagneMax™ Series-7 ‘Professional-Strength’ Energy Includes a 6-Month REPLACEMENT Warrantee against all Manufacturing Defects  – Magnetically Adjusts to Size

“MagneMax is shipped as one complete strand of connected magnets which measures approximately 29 inches which can be Disconnected and Resized to create your Perfectly Sized ‘Charging’ Necklace and ‘Maintenance’ Bracelet. For more Information regarding shipping and delivery of your MagneMax product, please contact our office.

Information regarding MagneMax’s product Care, Benefits, and Properties can be viewed here. (PDF).


Why MagneMax Series-7 ‘Professional Strength’
(Non-Electrical Non-EMF Radiation) Earth-Core High Gauss Magnetic Iron Energy Magnets
Earth-Core Magnetic Iron Energy Ring
“The Most POWERFUL Earth-Core High Gauss Magnetic Iron Energy on the Planet”

Alleviate chronic pain, backache, wrist pain, knee pain, leg pain, elbow pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, headaches, blood circulation, hip pain, heel pain, depression, sports injuries, bronchitis, insomnia, tendonitis, pinched nerve, sciatica, rheumatism, bed sores, low energy, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis and vascular disease. Additionally MagneMax allegedly heals asthma, fibromyalgia, infections, ruptured disks, tennis elbow, chronic back pain and shoulder pain and MORE.

Gauss Power is the unit in which the strength of a single magnet is measured. The higher the Gauss Power the stronger the magnet. For an example a normal fairly Strong Refrigerator Magnet produces approximately 150 Gauss Power (15,000 uT ‘micro-Tesla’). Magnetic-Energy should have a minimum of 800 Gauss Power (80,000 uT ‘micro-Tesla’). Many magnetic products available for sale do not have the minimum required Gauss Power for Penetrating purposes. Before purchasing a magnetic therapy product always ask for the strength of the product. If the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less than 800 Gauss Power it does not have the power to penetrate through the skin into the body.

Warning: Pregnant Women or Individuals using a Pacemaker aka “ICDs” (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators) should never wear Magnets. We do not recommend wearing MagneMax ‘High Gauss’ Magnetics or any type of AC or DC Magnetic Energy near or even close to any type of ‘Health Related’ Electronic Devices. We recommend that you do not wear your MagneMax Sets in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, audio/video tapes, credit cards, and portable electronic equipment.


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