King Arthur and The Sword Excalibur

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King Arthur and The Sword Excalibur

Description: 120 pages
FULL COLOUR! 5.5×8.5in

Beyond Legend and Lore, this book contains the Living Words and Voices of Merlin the Magician and Arthur, who became King of Camelot, after the death of King Richard.

Today, Merlin lives as the Master Great Germain, and King Arthur lives as Lord El Morya, both Ascended and Free, continuing to offer their Service to humanity.

All now has been readied and the Torch is being passed to you, the Fulfillment of the life of Arthur, who was adopted by the Goddess Himalaya, raised by the Greatest of all Teachers, Lord Maitreya, and delivered unto the lands of Camelot and the old Kingdom and the old King, to become a new King, who would fulfill legends in the old lands of Britain and France to open the way for a Divine Plan to be fulfilled 10 generations later. That time has arrived now. Ready yourselves…


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