Living a Beautiful Life 2

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Living a Beautiful Life – Part Two

Beloved Akasha and Asun return with their ‘Living a Beautiful Life’ Series, this time in Edmonton. Their Special Ascended Master Guests include the Goddess of Harmony and the Goddess of Light.

Living a well balanced Life | The Uniting Activity of the Holy Cross, Lantern of Light | The difference between responsibility and pressure | Your Higher Purpose unfolds naturally when…. | Your Spirituality becomes the Centre you live out from | Becoming well defined in who and what you are | Remember who you are and what you know | The way we show up in each others life | You have a Gift for this World | Do you know what is interesting about you? | Ways of shining the Jewel that you are | What makes Charisma a natural expression of Personality | The Ability to be yourself and none other | What we do with the weight of the World | Finding ways we serve, make a difference | Authentic Smiles, Joy, and Happiness| and much more…. ~ Edmonton 2014

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