Living in our Higher Consciousness

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Overcoming our ignorance, for it is a fearful master | Becoming more conscious, we are equipped to deal with chaos | Shifting our Consciousness creates changes that benefit our lives | Inner Spaces of mind and heart determines inter-connectivity | Consciousness provides our interdependent activity with all life | Living in our Higher Consciousness, a Responsibility and a new Joy | In the absence of racial consciousness, we discover our Unity | In our Spiritual Consciousness, our mind and hearts serve us well | Mass Consciousness is like a psychic plague blocking our potential | Knowledge and Truth become our fuel to raise our Consciousness | Seeing through the reckless endangerment of the masses | Therapeutic Medicine and Esoteric Healing Arts | Purification and detox makes the Climb to Higher Consciousness easier | Letting Go and Discarding what is useless in our life | Emerging Synchronicities and Initiations into Mystery & Mastery.

Our Ascended Master Guests include, Akasha, Asun, Master Germain, Goddess Liberty, Master Victory, and Lady Nada! ~ Syracuse 2015

2 CD Set

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