Master Alchemy of Love

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The Master Alchemy of Love

You are the Master Alchemist of Love, the Incarnation of Christ long hidden from this world. You are the awakened Beauty of Paradise and have waited long to reveal your Beloved to the world. The Spirit of Love and Grace is born anew in you, and your unimaginable Love is ready to make you a fine vessel of your Beloved.

The Sleeper is awake | Your Jewel of Consciousness has been found | Preparation required: Gratitude, Humility, and Humbleness | Meet the Sounds of Silence within your mind | Blend with the Infinite, and find the Individualization of you | Be ready to Light the Fire of Love everywhere | A time to advance the Transformation of World Consciousness | Are you ready to bewilder many with the Grace of your Beloved | In the Presence of your Beloved, concerns and troubles dissolve | The Master Alchemist reveals what has been hidden | Master Alchemists of Love come to enfold all life on Earth.  ~ Mount Shasta 2015

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