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There are two 90-minute classes every month. Admission is $25. per Class, tax included. Tickets are sold at the door. Subscription price is $45. Class recordings are included in Subscription and Admission is free if you Subscribe to this class. Come join us!

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Discover and Experience…..

  • The Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings of Light, and the Angelic Host
  • The Cosmic Light, the Miracle Love and the Power of the Sacred Fire
  • The Masters and Angels teach us of Their Powers
  • The Masters teach us how to call to them
  • The Power of Sacred Calls, Decrees, and Mantra
  • The Blessings of the Music of the Higher Spheres

Receive the Answers…..

  • What is this Sacred Flame inside my heart?
  • What is the Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery
  • How do I connect with the Ascended Masters and Angels
  • What Activity does each Ascended Master specialize in?
  • How do the Masters anchor Their Gifts into our lives?

Hear how the lives of the Ascended Masters were when they were upon the Earth, and what Their favorite prayers or meditations were! What challenges did they face?

  • Do you desire to receive assistance and Divine Intervention from The Masters?
  • Can the Ascended Masters assist your awakening and “Journey of Becoming”?
  • Is your heart’s desire to bring forth the “Christ Consciousness”?
  • Would you like to be of service in this incoming 7th Golden Age?
  • Do you desire to gain your Freedom in the Light?
  • Would you like to be raised above the limitations of this world?
  • Are you ready to receive the same Ascended Master Teachings, The Sacred Knowledge of the Tree of Life and training that our Beloved Emanuel “Jesus the Christ“ received to embrace his first “Resurrection” and at the end of his Life the “Ascension”?

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