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Miracle Class Collection 1 – Vol 1

Phase 1 Level 1 Miracles June 2008:
1-Grace of Violet Flame to Remove All Past Mistakes.
2-Removal of tree of knowledge, Restoration of Tree of Life.
3-The Secret Passage Between Mind/Christ, Mind & Heart and Soul.
4-A Personal Choice to be Free of …
5-The Removal of Resistance.

Phase 1 Level 2 Miracles July 2008:
1-Accepting “I AM WHO I AM”.
2-The End of Split Will.
3-The Rose Pink Ray.
4-Your Own Personal Choice right after #3.

Phase 1 Level 3 Miracles Aug 2008:
1-I AM the Resurrection and the Life.
2-Your Inner Heart Flame.
3-Contemplation and Communion.

Phase 1 Level 4 Miracles Sept 2008:
1-Letting go of Mistaken Identity.
2-Healing Power of Music of Higher Spheres.
3-Peace, Emerald Green Ray, The Buddha & Goddess Peace.